University App with Augmented Reality Feature – Group Project

REQUIREMENTS: The requirements for this project was to develop a system useful for university students. The system was supposed to incorporate interactivity and student lifestyle. Myself along with my teammates brainstormed the idea of a University app with an augmented reality feature. The app would provide incoming students information about activities around their campus, food deals in campus eateries and a search feature for classrooms, study halls and lecturers offices. The Augmented Reality feature allowed students to scan particular buildings on campus, the app would provide data on the number of study rooms, cafes etc. within that building.
METHODOLOGY: To see whether our idea was feasible, a series of open-ended interviews were conducted with students from University College Dublin. Participants were recruited through word of mouth and informed of what the interview entailed and what their answers were to be used for. At the beginning of each interview, the participant was given a brief description of the application and what it aimed to achieve. Participants were free to criticize the application and offer what they felt were the main features that should be included. Fig.1 and 2. Personas created to represent our target audience. From the interviews we were able to identify our clear target audience and what are targets needs were. From this, we developed two personas as seen below.

PROTOTYPING: During the interview stage of the project a Lo-Fi prototype was made using pen and paper. It illustrated in a simple way the main features of the application and made it easier to visualize the potential final design. The sketches below illustrate how the simple search engine and the augmented search feature worked.
Fig 3 and 4. Sketches for the alternative search features for the application
With the answers from the interviews and the Lo-Fi sketches we produced a more Hi-Fi
prototype using Balsamiq. A brief run through of the application can be seen from the video
link below.

FINDINGS: We found that students were interested in a revamped UCD app. The consensus was that the current application was lacking in interactivity and functionality and believed our concept would be a better system to use. However, there was a belief that the number of features we aimed to include might be too many creating an information overload, instead, we decided to keep only the main features i.e. lecturer search and activity finder.
Project Grade: A.

Published by Conor McGovern

A UX designer from Dublin, Ireland with an MSc in Information Systems. Passionate about good user research and design. A user of many different development softwares including; Balsamiq, InVISION, Adobe XD etc. Proficient in user methodologies including; interviews, surveys and focus groups.